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Utah's Ultimate Donut Destination!

Discover the Best Donuts in the State!

Baking can be a passion for many reasons. For us, it includes the joy of creating something from fresh ingredients, the opportunity to express creativity through flavors and presentation, and the satisfaction of producing delicious and beautiful baked goods.

Ultimately, our passion for baking is often fueled by a love of food, an appreciation for the art and science of baking, and the desire to bring joy to others through the experience of baking.


There are several reasons why some people may consider filled donuts to be the best:

1. Flavorful: Filling adds an extra burst of flavor to the donut, making it more enjoyable to eat.
2. Moisture: Filling can add moisture to the donut, making it softer and more tender.
3.  Variety: Filled donuts come in a variety of flavors and fillings, so there is something for everyone's taste preferences.
4.  Texture: The combination of the soft, fluffy donut dough and the creamy or chewy filling creates a pleasant texture contrast.
5. Fun: Eating a filled donut can be a fun and enjoyable experience, especially if the filling is unexpected or surprising.

Overall, filled donuts can be a delicious and satisfying treat that offers a unique eating experience compared to other types of donuts.  Here at Chubby Baker, we believe we make the best.  Come try us out!